A place to share WELS-centric images and coding for easy inclusion in web sites. 

Notes on shared coding:
  1. Coding should be saved in a .TXT file and added as an attachment to the page.
  2. A link to the attached text file can be shared next to the image.
  3. Right click on the link to save the .TXT file
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No need to update your website every time your video team posts new videos to your Vimeo.com account.  This Javascript displays the latest Vimeo video that was uploaded to your user, group or channel automatically on your website.  This is a great for your sermons and worship services to be added automatically to your website.

This easy to use Javascript can be embedded into most websites and creates an attractive gallery of the latest videos that have been published by a user, group or channel on Vimeo.  No need to update your website whenever videos are posted, this script will automatically get the latest videos and provide a player to watch them on your site.

The FinalWeb built in player is in standard definition (SD) format only, this bit of code update allows you to stream in high-definition (HD) wide format.  It also has an updated error message that is more friendly when you are not streaming.
Sallie Draper,
Jun 16, 2014, 6:59 AM