The Five W's

Presenation resources from the 2009 Minnesota Distrct Church Ministry Worshop breakout session led by Sallie Draper (, WELS Technology Trainer - March 7, 2009

The Five W's of Church and School Web Sites

View the presentation slides - - Why - Why have a web site?

Some search for church by way of the web (USA Today, 10/16/2007) -

2 - Who - Who should create and maintain the site?

Outreach in a Digital World and the Communication Technology Committee (Martin Spriggs, 2/18/2009) -

3 - What - What should be on the site?

Shiny Church Websites (Martin Spriggs, 3/4/2009) -

Internet Evangelism Day -

4 - Where - Where do we put the content?

FinalWeb - WELS/ELS church website package

Details & sign up for a 14-day free trial -

Online community -

WELSTech podcast - Episode 047 - Content Management Systems -

5 - When - When do we need to update the site?

Make use of RSS -


Mass E-mail - WELSTech Podcast - Episode 026 -

Twitter - - Could be utilized by a congregation for SMS (text) messaging to members

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