Code of Conduct

Sample Guidelines for Staff Use of Technology Resources

June 5, 2013

Sally Valleskey, Administrative Assistant @ Abiding Word Lutheran Church in Houston, TX wrote to WELSTech regarding church and school social media policy. The attachments she references are attached at the bottom of this page.

Recently (April 25, 2013), I attended the Church Mutual webinar on social media. I’m thinking you’re aware of this and maybe others like it (documents posted below). I met with our staff yesterday to get the conversation going in regard to setting up our own policy and was on the WELS site and have the synod Social Networking Policy. I’m wondering if you know of other congregations who have developed their own policy – something which would provide benefit for us also since a congregation does have other concerns to consider. (Our school also is working on this and we’d like to tie in as much as possible.)