Christian Worship Supplement Hymns & Psalms for Text Expander

All the text of Christian Worship Supplement (CWS) hymns & Psalms is available in Text Expander format. This will allow those who use the tool to automatically copy the text, and other related content, to your document with just a few keystrokes. Text Expander is a Mac-based program that allows keywords to be "translated" or substituted with other text, in this case a hymn verse. There is an equivalent program on Windows that will read Text Expander files called Phrase Express.

Download the Christian Worship Supplement Text Expander Snippet (326 MB)

INFO - CWS Hymns & Psalms

There are five types of snippet in this group:

  1. Expansion of hymn number via title: cwtitle = ### - Title
  2. Expansion of hymn title via number: cw### = Title
  3. Expansion of hymn title and stanzas via number: cww###
  4. Expansion of psalm in formatted text: cwsps###
  5. Expansion of a tif image file of a hymn or psalm: tf### or tfps###

Notes on Each Snippet Type:

Type 1:

  • I have left capitalization and punctuation out of the abbreviations for simplicity’s sake as well as ease with mobile keyboards.
  • Why have this snippet? For party tricks of course! When you find yourself asking, "What hymn number was [title] again?" just type "cw" and the title and up pops the number and title. (I've decided stick with "cw" instead of going with "cws" for this group.)
  • You usually won't have to type the full title, just enough of it to set it apart from all other titles. If you get to the end of the title and it still hasn't expanded, type a period "." and it should (e.g. Christ the Lord Is Risen Today vs. Christ the Lord Is Risen Today; Alleluia). CWS hymns with the same title as a CW hymn begin with "cws" instead of "." at the end of the long title (e.g. 029 & 704).
  • Keep in mind that some snippets of the first type are a bit long due to similar long titles (e.g. 513 and 536).
  • For two hymns with the same title but different tunes/settings, the snippet will expand with both numbers (e.g. "200 or 201 - A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”).
  • In several cases I have included in the snippet a note indicating the potential to confuse one hymn with another [i.e. 149 & 150 ("cwchristthelordisrisentoday."); 194 & 242 ("cwohthati"); 325 & 607 ("cwhowblestaretheyw")].

Type 2 & 3:

  • If printing or projecting for public use, please be sure you own the copyrights to the CWS texts, available for purchase at Northwestern Publishing House.
  • Hymn numbers must be typed with three digits (e.g. 015). Otherwise, the snippet for hymn 15 would interfere with the 150’s.

Type 4 & 5:

  • If you choose to use these, please be sure you own the copyrights to the CWS tifs, available for purchase at Northwestern Publishing House.
  • Hymns with refrains give a choice of tif files to pick from (e.g. 759, 788). Both files will expand.
  • Longer hymns also have two tif files, but again, both will expand.