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2/23/09 - From Pastor Chris Koschnitzke, Christus, Delavan, WI -

On the Sound side, this is what we had installed: An Allen Heath PA12 Mixer installed (looks quite complicated, but after it is explained, it's a lot easier to understand); a Shure 2x2 Digital System Processor; a QSC GX3 Power amplifier; a Community Veris3294-WH Loudspeaker which hangs from the ceiling; a Telex FMR-500/AM-17T.03 Headworn Wireless mic for the pastor; an E/V N/D478 Microphone for choir and Sunday school singing; 2 Atlas Sound Mic Stands/Boom Arms/ with 25' Cords. For the operator of the system, we had them install A/T Noise cancelling headphones. To keep all of the equipment in one location, we had them install a Mid Atlantic RK-12 Equipment rack. There is a Furman PS8R Seq. Power Panel; a we had Rapco DP4-DFS Jacks installed, 3 for microphone and 1 for a monitor.

2/27/09 - From Perry Lund, Oskaloosa, IA -

We have been using Sweetwater as our vendor for audio replacement products over the past 4 years. For a church of 115 confirmed members, we have stuck to the basics in audio. The old system created cassette tapes for shut-ins. We now pull the mixer's output off the tape out ports through an Edirol interface into a MacBook running Audacity. I set it 5 minutes prior to service and shut it off after the service. Then I edit the Audacity file and post it for the podcast. We have a Crown amp, Furman power conditioner, 3 Shure microphone at alter, pulpit and lecturn, and a new hanging microphone for the choir loft / balcony. A 4 port XLR mixer with 2 additional 1/4" audio inputs (one used for wireless hand held mic used in confirmation and Christmas services). We use Peaveysanctuaryseries speakers (2) in thesanctuary.

11/13/10 - Kevin Smith, Christ, Zumbrota, MN -

I wanted to pass along something we just installed this summer to improve the listening experience for activities in our Church basement.

The basement is typical of many older church basements with posts, suspended ceilings, and cement walls. We installed a Cetacea Sound Astronaut self-powered speaker with a ceiling mount kit right onto a ceiling tile, a very simple installation. Into this speaker we plugged in 3, 35 ft Stereo 3.5 mm cable, ran them to a sidewall in the basement and there we connected 1 to the laptop computer that runs our videos or Power Points, 1 to the wireless Microphone that the Pastor uses, and to the 3rd we can connect an MP3 player, a Walkman, or even a smart phone and play music or whatever, all at the same time through the speaker.

It has made a surprising difference in our ability to hear in the entire room and it helps save Pastor's voice for the second service after Bible Class! The Advent by Candlelight ladies are also looking forward to using it soon.

Check out for more info on how it works.

Give a try for any cables you might need, I have found their prices and quality to be excellent. Highly recommended.