Lectionary for Google Calendar

    • The Christian Worship Lectionary for Google Calendar has lectionary notes for Christian Worship as well as Christian Worship Supplement. For each Sunday and Major Festival of the church year the calendar entry includes Lessons and Psalm, including the Supplemental Readings
    • Prayer of the Day
    • Verse of the Day
    • Hymn of the Day
    • Church year color

How to use this Google calendar:

  1. View and link to the calendar
    1. Add the calendar to your Google calendar by copying and pasting this link - 6ce0g3p8472ot0i5l4kmlt2ct4@group.calendar.google.com - into the "Add a friend's calendar" field on your Google calendar (video demo)
    2. Once you add the calendar to your own Google calendar, go to Calendar Settings to embed the calendar in your web site (video demo | sample site)

To load directly to your existing church calendar:

  1. Do 1 and 2 above.
  2. Go to your calendar settings, click CW Lectionary, go to Calendar address, click the hyperlink and save the ICAL file on your computer.
  3. Go back to the main settings, click Import Calendar, browse to the .ics file you just saved, then choose the calendar you want to import to.