Sermon Podcasting

Pastor Rob Guenther, Grace, Kenai, AK

I've been podcasting my sermons for several years now. I don't use anything special. I record on my iPhone with Dropvox when the sermon starts. When I hit stop, Dropvox uploads to my Dropbox folder. Then Wappwolf converts the file to an .mp3 when I get back to my computer at home, I open up the .mp3 with Audacity, add a pre-recorded intro and exit and upload it to our Finalweb site:

I also submitted the subscription link to Stitcher and iTunes so they're available there, but most people listen through an email I send out each week. I write a brief intro to the sermon with links to download or stream included, copy and paste the sermon text, and and then email it to a list of my members, school families, prospects and friends (using Google groups). I also email it to my blog where it's automatically posted. ( Then after emailing it out, I go to the blog and Google+, Tweet, and Facebook post (at our church page and at my personal page) the new blog entry. While it sounds like a lot, it only takes a few minutes and really gets the Word out. Just this week I got a message from a high school classmate (class of '96) who thanked me for the sermons he's been reading every week for a long time now. I figure that it doesn't pay too much to have a podcast unless you're going to let people know about it.

In Him,

Pastor Rob Guenther

Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church

47585 Ciechanski Road, Kenai, AK 99611


Perry Lund, Grace Lutheran, Oskaloosa, IA

I use the EdirolUA-1EXUSB Audio Interface to take mixer sound directly into a MacBook running Audacity setup next to the sound equipment area (the coat racks at the main entrance). After the service I save the Audacity file. When I get home, I edit and post the podcast.