WELS Missions Promotions currently has four Epson Powerlite 735c projectors (discontinued) that have been used and abused for over four years now. Originally purchased for about $2,500 each, the replacement bulbs are approx. $400. Missions Promotions has only had to replace one or two bulbs and one lens assembly ($100-200) in the four years of shipping the projectors, carrying them around, traveling on planes with them, etc. Pretty durable!


[Unknown author] have found that has excellent information for congregations exploring what projector to buy for their sanctuary. Keep in mind that the owner of the site is ProjectorPeople, who sell the projectors, but I think the FAQs they have on their site are well done.Churches are always having to deal with distances between the projector and the screen due to the architecture of the sanctuary. There is a decent article on short throw vs. long throw projectors/lenses.

Point Of Power is a business run by a WELS family in Michigan I believe. They offer all kinds of multimedia products on their site.

Remember that our ShopWELS program can procure almost any projector you select at a discounted price. If you don't see it there, just put in a request and somebody will get back to you with a price.

The site is an excellent resource for comparing projectors. One of the best features is the interactive projection calculator - go to the page for a specific projector, then click the calculator icon.