Planning Center Online

Software programs exist to help your ministry stay organized. These programs help you to manage things like event operations, volunteer staff, projects and worship planning.

Planning Center Online

Summary: Incredibly powerful website that can help to manage all planning, operations and hundreds of volunteers in your church.


    1. Worship Planning processes.
    2. Support Documents, such as: bulletins, orders of service for worship leaders and technicians (fondly referred to as "show flow" sheets at some churches), sheet music, MP3 files, presentation files (what gets projected onto the big screen), etc.
    3. Staff Scheduling, including availability and "time off requests".
    4. Staff Roster, including contact info and possibly unlimited sub-groups of staff.
    5. Communication among staff, especially from leaders to followers.
    6. Calendars for everything and everyone.
    7. ...and more that I can't remember.

CrossWalk Church, Phoenix, AZ, has been using this website for a couple years and it has been awesome. For in-depth observations and opinions about this website service, contact our Director of Worship Arts, via the info on our website: ~ Jimmy H., 2013-05-18