School Technology Planning

Sample Technology Coordinator Call Addendum

Sample technology plans and rubrics are posted below.

Here are some suggestions for what qualities might work well for the people on a technology committee. These were developed for a Congregational Leader's Workshop called Outreach in a Digital World:

  • Passionate: This is probably the most important characteristic of any committee member, even ahead of specific skill sets. Passionate people show up for meetings, volunteer to work on projects, are generally good encouragers, and are often great mentors and role models. They are also contagious. It goes without saying they are then passionate about reaching out with the Gospel. Now it is likely that these passionate people are already serving elsewhere, so choose carefully. You don’t want to overburden the same people as that will dilute their effectiveness.
  • Organized: People who can think systematically and are good at making sense of a lot of different options are valuable to a committee. In the fast moving world of technology there will always be something new or changing. Someone who won’t be overwhelmed by that will be a great asset.
  • Communications Savvy: Technology is just a channel or vehicle for the message. A good knowledge of how to communicate, identifying target audiences, crafting effective messages and the like are even more important than technical knowhow. A degree in Communications or Marketing would be great, but not essential.
  • Technically Inclined: You do not need a committee full of geeks! However the members of the committee should not be afraid of technology and perhaps enjoy trying new digital tools. Perhaps they already have a blog or have done some website building or management. It is ok to have one very technical person on the committee, but not a committee full of them. This characteristic is last for a reason. Passionate, organized communicators will learn on the job quickly. It is harder to take a technologist and make them passionate, organized and communications savvy.